Myths Demystified:



Yes, skin care information abounds, but so do myths. Here Rose sheds some light on some of the most common misconceptions:

Myth:  It's OK to wash your face with soap.
Soap definately dries out the skin, since it does not moisturize because of the way it is made. These body cleansers are meant to remove oils and kill bacteria and dry skin is an avoidable side effect. A lot of soaps leave fatty acids and waxes behind that will clog pores. Instead of soap, Rose recommends using mild cleansers made especially for the face. This is key, because facial pores are larger, easier to clog, and take the most abuse from the environment.

Myth:  It is OK to mix and match cosmetics.
The best result can be achieved by using one line of products. As a result, your success will be greater because these items will balance each other out.

Myth:  Sunscreen is only needed in the summer.
Sunscreen is needed all year around, even if you are not constantly exposed to the elements. It is a  must when involved in the activities of daily living. Sunscreen should be applied to any area that is exposed to the environment - face neck, ears, hands, and bald heads. Moisturizers with sunscreen are essential for men, and women, children, and even babies. Amazingly, 50 percent of damaging rays can even penetrate a car windshield, summer or winter.

Myth: If suncreen with SPF 15 is good, then SPF of 30, 40, and 50 will be even better.
This concept has never been proven. You actually need no more but no lesss than an SPF 15 sunscreen for the best protection  This wll block out 96 - 97 percent of the dangerous ways. SPF's 30, 40, and higher will block out one half to one percent more than the 15 - not a significant increase in protection.

Myth: Sunscreen in fondation workeds well.
It does work but not well enough. The better solutioin is to use  a moisturizer wih build in sunscreen because it will penetrate deep into the skin, where as fondation stays on the surface.

Myths:  Tanning beds are safer than the sun.
Actually they are just as damaging to the skin for the same reasons. However, it is important to remember that the exposure to sun through the activities of daily living has the effect of providing our bodies with the vitamins and nutrients that it requires.

Myths:  Using rubbing alcohol on the face will help clear up acne.
Alcohol does not remove dirt; it actually dries out the skin and makes the pores tighter. Consequently, the problem is aggravated because the acne hardens in the pores. Use a gentle toner without alcohol instead.

Myth:  If you have oily skin, there is no need to use a moisturizer.
Even though skin may be oily, it needs moisturizer to protect it against the environment. A good moisturizer (without oil) helps the skin to breathe and shields it from cosmetics. It can also prevent rashes and itchiness in the winter. Using a moisturizer with sunscreen will guard against dangerous rays that can lead to skin cancer.