CAR Treatment (Cellular Activator Recuperator):

Facial Treatment (1) --- $129.50

Series of 3 --- $299.00

Decolletage Treatment (1) --- $30.00

Series of 3 with Facial Treatment --- $60.00
Esthetic face lifting produces visible results through the latest European high tech Cell Activator and Recuperator machine (CAR). This lightweight machine fortifies muscles and connective tissue of the face, chin, and neck thereby toning the skin through electric currents. Cellular metabolism accelerates to support skin rejuvenation delaying the aging process.
The CAR gives customers a youthful complexion by electrically stimulating limp muscles that cause the face structure to slump. The CAR promotes increased blood and lymph circulation while reducing inflammation allowing clients to maintain natural youth.
The service prices are subject to change, so please refer to our current price list that is available in the salon.

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