Taking Care of Your Skin:

Total Wellness for the Skin


When You Look Good, 
You Feel Good!!!

The most touching story I have ever come across in my twenty-five years in the skin care business is the story of a young girl who saved for months to buy her mother a total makeover for her birthday. When making the appointment, the mother, who was rather reserved and plain, asked her daughter to come along with her for moral support, which she willingly agreed.

During the makeover process, the mother confessed that she lived for her family, especially her children, and for the longest time ignored herself. She went onto say that she never gave a second thought to facials, make-up, or clothes as she was more worried about her children that herself.

The mother became transformed as the makeover progressed. When she finally turned to check her new image in the mirror, she was suprised and commented that it was like she was looking like a stranger.

The daughter watched in awe as her mother moved closer to the mirror. As she near her daughter, she quietly commented, "Honey, look at me!, I'm beautiful!" With tears in her eyes, the young girl smiled and replied, "Mom, you have always been beautiful." Her daughter's gift gave the mother the ability to appreciate her natural beauty. For the first time in a long time, the mother felt very good about herself.



Think of a day in your life when you felt the warm sun through your window after a great nights sleep. You woke up, looked in the mirror, and saw a smile. You could not help but to smile back. You got dressed, and your clothes just felt right. You were having a good hair day. You looked great, felt great, and were ready to conquer the world!

Each and every day, give yourself permission to take care of yourself, inside and out. There is no question about it...










The hostess at the new cafe around the corner is staring at you. Finally, she blurts out, "Your face is so porcelain...are you a model?"

Your husband is throwing you a surprise 50th birthday party. Having politely never discussed ages, friends think the whole thing is a gag. They can't believe it is true. They think you look so young!

You are at the pool with your good friend and her six year old daughter. Out of the blue, the little girl asks, "How do you keep your face so pretty?"

These are scenarios that would make Rose van Hemert Chvasta smile with pleasure. As the owner of Chvasta European Skin Care in Leetsdale, she has built a career out of helping women improve and maintain their skin.

Rose provides an array of skin care services but strongly believes in education. "Regular facials are a very good way to get in the habit of good skin care but what you do daily at home is even more important." 

Skin Status
The perception of what portrays beautiful skin has varied with the attitudes of the day. For centuries, porcelain, white, flawless skin was the benchmark of beauty. Porcelain skin was sought after since it indicated wealth, position, and power - while tan skin was considered undesirable since those of a lower class,  those who worked outdoors, had sun-darkened skin. Then in the 1920's and 30's and for decades afterwards, the pendulum swung toward tans as a standard of beauty and a healthy look. The wealthy class earlier in this century set the trend, as they enjoyed the wherewithal to spend hours at leisure in tropical climates. The tan, as a status symbol, was thus created.

Just look at the cover of any fashion and beauty magazine today, and it becomes evident that pale skin is encouraged. Tans are lighter than they have been in decades, the look often coming from the bottle. Experts say this is the preferred method if you crave that "healthy glow."  Rose agrees, saying, "Avoid the sun, especially between 10am and 3pm. Cover up with sunscreen no matter what time of day. Shade your face with a snazzy hat to avoid sun exposure. These are the best ways to achieve healthy skin.

So you love the sun...what to do???

Anytime you are outdoors, use sunscreen with at least 15 SPF and be sure to reapply constantly because the skin will absorb the sunscreen even though it may be guaranteed to be waterproof or sweatproof. Sunscreens with a lower SPF are not enough protection, Rose advises, adding, "Watch for any changes in your skin, such as new moles, moles that change color or shape, red dry patches or pimples that will not heal, and report these to your physician." In the meantime, proper daily
care and maintenance is a must.